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James Kakande

Writer of songs, poems
& an organic bullshit dinner table philosopher.


„Soulful music with a melancholy twist.“ – „R.O.C.S. | Right of Centre Soul“ are the keywords I choosed for my music. Everyone got his own feelings and interpretation about my creational handwriting, mosty it is described as Soul with Jazz and Reggae influences. All I know it comes directly from the heart. The new album Elektro Magnetic Love Thing is simply about frequency which we all are connected to – and love.


„I don´t really know on the top layer of thought as to what my views are on the really big questions for example God, religion etc. Of course I do have my path I am trying to walk and understand, and there are a lot of things I think and do love sharing and discussing around camp fires or at diner tables, with a nice glass of wine and soulful food the thoughts are free.


My song This Sin tells about it: „The word sin I think describes perfectly how the wrong things we do in our lives. So juxtaposing the freedom of nature and the madness of man, well, the song is the answer to that itch I had the night as it came to my head and I started writing.
It is a shame that we are actually content to live in sin. For me its like eating animals and going to war: people will always have a wonderful answer as to why it is a good thing.“

A Journey With An Ever Changing Direction…

James Kakande has always been way too curious to stay in any one place for long. Driven by an irresistible urge, his travels have led to many towns and many cafes where he has sat for hours watching people go by, living in his natural state of reflection. This together with his influences of poetry and comedy has played a major role in his inspiration – and his music.

“In the end, everything is connected through our perception: be it interpreted scientifically or spiritually.
We are all influenced by the same forces of nature, are warmed by the same star and breathe the same air. We attract energies and frequencies that appeal to our nature. Our hearts, the sun, our thoughts, all come together in one frequency. If we let these
vibes in and be guided by only what is vital: how can we not love any – and everything?“

Music Videos

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The Band

The Space Cadetts
Here are some of the lovely people I´m grooving with all over the world. If in the studios or live at clubs and festivals, my lineup varies spontaneously wherever my routes and thoughts are guiding me. This here is a flowing area of the musicians and special guests coming along my way frequently.

Micha Fromm

Drumming since he was able to hold a pencil.

Ron Oberbandscheid

Grooving on Bass since ´88.


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James Kakande

Singer | Songwriter | Instrumentalist
& an organic bullshit diner table

© 2017 James Kakande

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