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James Kakande

Writer of songs, poems
& an organic bullshit dinner table philosopher.


„Soulful music with a melancholy twist.“ – „R.O.C.S. | Right of Centre Soul“ are the keywords I choosed for my music. Everyone got his own feelings and interpretation about my creational handwriting, mosty it is described as Soul with Jazz and Reggae influences. All I know it comes directly from the heart. The new album Elektro Magnetic Love Thing is simply about frequency which we all are connected to – and love.


„I don´t really know on the top layer of thought as to what my views are on the really big questions for example God, religion etc. Of course I do have my path I am trying to walk and understand, and there are a lot of things I think and do love sharing and discussing around camp fires or at diner tables, with a nice glass of wine and soulful food the thoughts are free.


My song This Sin tells about it: „The word sin I think describes perfectly how the wrong things we do in our lives. So juxtaposing the freedom of nature and the madness of man, well, the song is the answer to that itch I had the night as it came to my head and I started writing.
It is a shame that we are actually content to live in sin. For me its like eating animals and going to war: people will always have a wonderful answer as to why it is a good thing.“

A Journey With An Ever Changing Direction…

James Kakande – Stay Young

Single release on 1 March

James Kakande had already started to play the piano and guitar when he was a boy and the results were remarkable. He was soon able to play five instruments almost perfectly without ever having been taught. He came to Hanover at the invitation of a close friend and wrote a few songs for the renowned German-Turkish DJ and producer Mousse T. who was very impressed with the singer’s music.

In the summer of 2006, James Kakande’s single You You You reached number 1 in Italy’s single charts. The single was chosen by a big telephone company as its jingle and it also became the official song of Trinidad and Tobago’s football team during the World Cup.

After his contract with Sony Music had expired, James Kakande lived in Barcelona for several years where he wrote more albums. Long tours in Germany, the US and France followed.

Now, James Kakande’s in the limelight again with his new single Stay Young. The very catchy song has soul influences, with the guitar as the only accompaniment. The appealing and relaxed mood of Stay Young captivates listeners immediately and the hook is unforgettable.

 A new album by James Kakande is planned for early summer 2019.

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James Kakande

Singer | Songwriter | Instrumentalist
& an organic bullshit diner table

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